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7 Retargeting Mistakes App Marketers Should Avoid

Posted on December 6, 2019

If you are considering how you can leverage your app retargeting efforts and creating fail-proof campaigns, there are a few premises that you need to get right from the get-go. Learning from your own mistakes is overrated. Learning from others’ experiences is far more efficient.

Here are the top pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs when it comes to retargeting:

1. Not planning your long-term strategy

Retargeting is an excellent tool in your app growth and monetization arsenal, but it shouldn’t be seen as a short-term tactic. Instead, regard it as a long-term strategy that can sustain and complement other growth initiatives, such as user acquisition. Along with your UA campaigns, retargeting can substantially increase the retention rates of your newly acquired users and drive revenue in-app. Plan your campaigns to be evergreen and look for a retargeting partner that can support you consistently.

2. Disregarding external and internal data security

Keep track of the data your users generate in your app and learn how your partners treat your app data. UA networks require far less first-party data than retargeting platforms, which need comprehensive access to work on your audience, and bear a higher risk of unwanted data leakage towards competition. For external compliance, obtain users’ consent and follow all legal terms and guidelines.

At Remerge, we take your data very seriously and are rigorous in the way we store, process, or transmit your data. All the data we use in our system is accounted for, and we are GDPR compliant.

3. Letting your retargeting campaign run without constant optimization

Retargeting campaigns aren’t created in a “one-size-fits-all” format and require continuous optimization. Crunching the data and understanding seasonality help to understand the further potential for performance. The insights you will gather during each campaign can fuel your knowledge for future strategies and tactics.

With a partner as Remerge, you don’t need to work on it by yourself. A managed services retargeting platform can help make the entire process easier by maintaining close communication, being open for discussion, and providing insights and optimizing your campaign.

And the communication goes both ways. Trust the account manager assigned to your account for both advice and service.

4. Focusing on the wrong KPIs and not considering incrementality

Start by defining what your strategy is and what you want your users to do. When setting KPIs, don’t focus only on a single measurement metric such as ROAS or cost per transaction. Look instead at LTV and how to set goals to measure user progression in your funnel, as e.g., awareness, retention, and sign-ups, and how you can measure your effectiveness. In other words, monitor how your retargeting campaigns are driving in-app revenue.

Look at your data and define which exact metrics make more sense for your business: maybe it is retention or even determining certain events or game level for gaming apps, for example. Read on to find how you can measure the incremental value of each campaign.

5. Failing to segment properly

Targeting a specific user audience with the right campaign setup is fundamental. Make sure you have all the app insights you need to create a proper granular segmentation of your audience.

It is possible to use real-time data from your app to automatically update the segmentation in real-time. This means that it is also possible to adapt or stop targeting certain users once they complete the defined conversion event. Using this real-time data and creating segments correctly has two advantages: it prevents ad fatigue and saves costs.

Last but not least, a correct segmentation from the beginning makes it easier for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns accordingly.

6. Not delivering the best and right ads to your target audience

The devil is in the creatives. Not investing in the creative aspect of your ads is to waste time and resources. Put the same effort into mobile retargeting creatives that you do for any other advertising campaign and make them as compelling as possible.

Make use of the different types of creatives available to you: static, native, dynamic, and video. Make them high-quality, personalized, and interactive. Depending on your app’s vertical, dynamic product ads can boost your results by matching user behavior with your own product catalog via a personalized feed. Think about enough creative messaging options so you can rotate them and avoid ad fatigue and redundancy.

Without deep links, you run the risk of losing users on their way between an ad and your app before that can perform the desired action.

Deep linking allows you to send users straight to specific in-app locations, hence enables you to create a seamless user journey and reduce friction between the ad and the app experience you want to promote. Mapping every relevant funnel event and pairing it with a corresponding deep link is the way to better conversion rates.

Identify your retargeting partner and see your app campaigns perform

Building a retargeting strategy that serves your app goals is possible when you work with the right retargeting partner. Client references, transparency as a given, a credible track record for innovation, and the presence of local service teams are some of the attributes you should look out for.

Hopefully, this piece will assist you in asking the right answers before choosing a partner and starting your retargeting campaign.

If you are looking for a retargeting partner, know that at Remerge, we have the expertise to build a comprehensive retargeting plan for your app and guide you in each step of the way, including:

  • Consulting on the right strategy, the best campaign practices, and all the technical requirements to get you top results.
  • Dedicated account managers are made available to cater to your specific needs and work with our technical teams on setup and optimization.

Contact us at to discuss how retargeting can work for you.

Marta Gaspar

Marta Gaspar

Sr. Content Marketing Manager APAC | Remerge

Marta is a content strategist and digital marketer with 8 years of experience turning ideas into prose for media agencies, online travel, e-commerce, and ad-tech companies. At Remerge, she works closely with our APAC teams to create engaging content about app retargeting and mobile marketing. When she isn’t in our Singapore office, she is reviewing books and practicing Aikido.

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