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Introducing Remerge Video ads

Posted on May 11, 2017
Introducing video retargeting with Remerge

Remerge is now offering video retargeting. We were the first to bring native ad inventory to app-retargeting and we are keeping consistent with our goal to be format leaders within our industry, adding video retargeting to our marketing stack. Marketers will now be able to utilize a fully holistic approach to their app retargeting efforts by adding video ads to go along with the existing support for dynamic banners, interstitials, native and Facebook ads.

The changing landscape of online advertising

The landscape of online advertising is moving faster and faster. The current trend is heading towards utilizing immersive ad formats to capture the attention of oversaturated users. The most prevalent medium being video ads. The reason is quite clear: Video is a much more engaging, entertaining and interactive experience than simply seeing a static banner covering your screen or whilst scrolling through your newsfeed. Moving images attract the eyes and can tell a much broader message in a few seconds than staring at a banner ever could.


Benefit from end-cards

So how can marketers take full advantage of video advertising? One powerful tool is the end-card. An end-card is a banner which shows up upon the completed viewing of a video ad, harnessing the interest and attention garnered by displaying the most relevant products or features with a CTA to match. This is the point where the video ad changes from merely holding the viewer’s gaze to encouraging a specific action. Be it “buy now”, “subscribe now”, “play now” or “try now”, the end-card has been found to be a crucial component in running a successful video ad campaign. A static end card can double the CTR of a video ad, a dynamic end card is likely to quadruple it.


New attribution tools

That’s not to say that mere clicks are sufficient in measuring the impact of your video ads. The vast majority of viewers are non-clickers. However, this is not synonymous with an unfruitful impression. User intent, as judged by search activity in the aftermath of being exposed to an ad, increases by more than 150%. That’s a whole lot of interest and activity incorrectly identified as organic traffic if one only accounts for clicks. As such, view-through-attribution is more relevant than ever when running video campaigns. To learn more about view-through attribution, check out our blog post on the topic here.

Video with Remerge

It is with all of this in mind Remerge is now introducing video as the newest tool in its app retargeting stack, ensuring that our clients can leverage all the benefits associated with video advertising. With Remerge video, clients will now be able to leverage full-screen, horizontal, vertical and rewarded video ads in their pursuit of user re-engagement. For a full run-down of the formats and specs available, check out our support site here.


Premium inventory at scale

Further, Remerge will ensure access to premium video advertising inventory, guaranteeing impactful retargeting videos at an unmatched scale. Our internal systems have also been adapted to facilitate both click-through and view-through attribution, giving access to the most relevant and reflective measurements of the effect of retargeting campaigns.

Are you interested in adding video advertising to your retargeting toolkit? Get in touch with us via your account manager or get started with Remerge now by sending us an email: