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Attract new players and keep them in game mode

No matter how magical your gameplay is, if your app marketing strategy is not realistic, it’s game over. Based on our experience in working with gaming apps, having a compelling campaign to excite and engage players is a surefire way to drive growth.

Our approach to retargeting

Apply a data-first strategy

The more your gamers are playing, the more time and money they spend in your app. Understanding the historical and projected lifetime value of your users is crucial when creating user segments and defining campaign goals.

Use compelling creatives

Identifying what motivates your players is key. Is there a competitive or rewarding aspect of your game that you could include in your messaging?

Build a strong user journey

Whether it’s upgrading gear, buying points, or advancing to the next level, deeplinking ensures your player is redirected to where you want them to be.

Get them started

Converting playing users to paying users

Offer free coins to demonstrate user appreciation in order to convert them to make a first purchase.

Additional content

Highlight what's new

Over time, your players will have explored most aspects of your game. Show them something new and interesting to draw them back.


Investing in your big spenders pays off

Consistently engage with your whales and they will consistently spend in your game.

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