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We’re starting your campaign on a bold note

For years, we have worked with the world’s top gaming apps to formulate highly potent app marketing strategies. Today, we are proud to be on your side to serve you our expertise, with a side of coffee. We chose this coffee maker kit to exemplify the scientific mechanism behind an uplifting brew, just like how we are determined to create uplift in your campaign.


Scale up your campaigns fast

Our custom-built infrastructure for programmatic app marketing has the highest data processing capacity on the market so we will reach more users for you faster.

Benefit from a well-versed team

Your dedicated support team will guide you in every stage, through strategy, execution, and optimization.

Cost-free incrementality

On top of optimizing for traditional attribution models, you can validate and enhance your campaign’s performance by using our incrementality measurement to show your true ROAS in real-time.

« We hope this gift adds an extra boost to your day, as we work on boosting your app’s campaign performance! »

Your team at Remerge

Fill in, fuel up!

Ready for a caffeine boost? Enter your details and get ready to blast off.


The Science of App Marketing