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Retarget. Refill. Repeat 2021 | US

Enjoy your insulated travel mug and gift card!

Get a taste of our mobile-first strategy by redeeming your exclusive travel mug that maximizes your mobility. Helping your app grow at a consistent rate is our powerful retargeting brew, exemplified by the gift card that allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage, prepared with the expected consistency.

What’s in your package

Your new retargeting companion

Your travel mug comes with a lid to secure your beverage from spilling. Refills won’t be a problem with the accompanying Starbucks gift card worth $25.

How Remerge can power-up your app marketing plan

Scale up your campaigns fast

Our custom-built infrastructure for programmatic app marketing has the highest data processing capacity on the market so we can reach more users for you faster.

Use dynamic creatives

Engage with your users with our highly customizable dynamic ads that correspond to their individual interests.

Transparent reporting

Have full visibility of the publishers that have displayed your ads.

« We are glad to be your digital marketing partner and can’t wait to help you grow your app! »

Your team at Remerge


Fill in your details, and you’ll be refilling your mug in no time!


Your retargeting partner for mobile and mobility