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Today’s first orders are tomorrow’s repeat orders

Retargeting strategy made to your taste

Getting your new users to place their first order is one of the fundamental steps in growing your app, and retargeting them with customized ads can do just that. By redeeming your vodka and tea kit, you too can customize your drinking experience with a selection of aromatic tea leaves. Brewed in vodka or water, we let you savor it your way!

How Remerge can power-up your app marketing plan

Use dynamic creatives

Engage with your users with our highly customizable dynamic ads that correspond to their order history and location.

Scale up your campaigns fast

Our custom-built infrastructure for programmatic app marketing has the highest data processing capacity on the market.

Benefit from a well-versed team

Get a dedicated support team with extensive experience in growing some of the world’s biggest delivery apps. They will guide you in every stage, through strategy, execution, and optimization.

« Appeal to your users’ various tastes with customized ads, just like how our gift lets you explore various flavors to suit your taste. »


Time to get experimental!

Enter your details to create a drink that’s just your cup of (alcoholic) tea.


The Science of App Marketing