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Ep, 115 Marketing Automation Before and After the Privacy-First Era

Our guest for episode 115 shares his experiences as a marketing director working on automation strategies before and after the launch of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework. He discusses what has changed and what had the biggest impact on the mobile industry.

Yury Bolotkin is the Marketing Director of StarBerry Games, a mobile games publisher and developer based in Berlin. Prior to StarBerry, Yury was a Growth Specialist at Popcore, a UA Manager at Wooga, and a Senior Account Manager at Fyber.

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Questions Yury Answers In This Episode

  • Why were you interested in making the shift from sales and account management to the media buying side of app marketing?
  • As Marketing Director, what’s the first strategy you put in place for a new mobile game?
  • How do you implement automation today versus in your past?
  • Do you make decisions based on the results of new testing platforms that enter your automation, or is that something that happens once it reaches a certain threshold?
  • Is there any kind of automation that would apply to a single network to help improve its performance?
  • Where do you spend your time with creatives?
  • Have you been able to run the campaigns you mentioned since the IDFA changes?


  • 2:53 Yury’s background
  • 7:57 What inspired Yury’s marketing career
  • 9:50 The atmosphere at StarBerry Games
  • 11:53 Burning questions for a Marketing Director
  • 13:54 How Yury uses automation now
  • 20:37 When the industry influences automation
  • 27:10 Understanding why certain creatives work
  • 28:52 How IDFA impacted their automated campaigns


(10:05-10:28) “I really love this feeling of having a small, passionate team of people who believe and trust each other. They have this goal of delivering something beautiful to the world. And they just live for this idea, going through challenges every day to deliver this vision, this product, to bigger audiences.”

« (14:58-15:02) “Reporting is actually the first block in your automation puzzle.” »

Yury Bolotkin