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Ep. 120 Mobile Marketing Executives Should Be a Voice for Minorities

Renato Camargo is the Country Manager and Chief Marketing Officer of RecargaPay, one of the biggest fintech companies in Brazil. He left retail to work for the financial services app for two reasons: He saw a business opportunity in democratizing banking in Brazil where over 60 million people can’t access banks; and, the mobile marketing industry provided a space for Renato to be himself and use his voice. He is passionate about leveraging his corporate power to create more inclusive opportunities for the LGBTQ community and other minorities.

Renato was nominated as one of the Outstanding Top 100 Executives of 2021 by Yahoo Finance. He is based in São Paulo.

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Questions Renato Answers In This Episode

  • Coming from a retail background, why were you interested in fintech?
  • What is RecargaPay?
  • How have you worked towards inclusively in your business?
  • How are your messages about inclusivity generally received in the fintech space?


  • 3:30 Mobile tech boom in LATAM
  • 5:22 Renato’s journey to CMO
  • 10:33 The fintech opportunity in Brazil
  • 15:25 What is RecargaPay
  • 19:18 Being a voice for LGBTQ
  • 24:01 Black Voices Matter - Taking over LinkedIn
  • 28:12 Hiring for diversity


« About 44% of the population in Brazil does not use banks nor have access to financial services. They pay in cash, so they store cash at home »

(22:32-22:54) “I need to understand my privilege, recognize them, and to use my voice, my corporate power, to be more inclusive with the people. It’s almost an obligation for me to give back to the world all the things I had the privilege to receive throughout my career.”