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Ep. 109 Monetizing Mobile App Games with NFTs

Today’s guest is the growth marketing manager of a mobile app metaverse platform that claims to be pioneering social-first games. Learn what distinguishes social-first mobile games and how this company is integrating blockchain technology to give their users the ability to earn money through NFTs. We discuss how this might affect the role of growth marketers.

Eva Juretić is the Growth Marketing Manager for Pocketworlds, a metaverse mobile game developer company pioneering social-first gaming. Eva is also the Senior UA and Growth Manager of her consulting company, ClickBite Consulting. Previously, she was the lead of the Growth Team at Misplay and a user acquisition specialist at Social Point.

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Questions Eva Answers In This Episode

  • Have you always identified this game as a metaverse platform? Have you seen a rise in user growth that you can correlate to the explosion of “meta” and “metaverse” as a concept?
  • What does it mean to integrate blockchain into High Rise? What’s changing from a consumer perspective?
  • How do you educate your users on NFT, if at all?
  • Will it cost cryptocurrency to acquire an NFT?
  • How do these advancements and changes related to blockchain technologies affect your role and how you think about driving growth?


  • 4:30 Eva’s professional background
  • 14:04 About Pocketworlds and social-first gaming
  • 16:10 The explosion of “metaverse” in branding
  • 17:22 Play and earn: Introducing blockchain technology
  • 18:48 Cashing game currency - the first NFT drop
  • 21:33 Educating users on NFTs
  • 23:00 Buying NFTs with cryptocurrencies
  • 24:15 Giving users ownership with blockchain
  • 25:22 How will blockchain tech affect how marketers drive growth


(14:15-14:49) “Pocket Worlds is pioneering in social-first gaming, which means the social part of the game is the core part and the game is built around it. Unlike, for example, if you have an RPG game, they test the idea, the concept, the product; they see it’s working, and then eventually they add some social components like chat or whatever it is. In Pocket Worlds, in High Rise, the main app we’re talking about, this is the core of the game. The game wouldn’t exist without that social component.”

(17:59-18:15) “Us entering that space and introducing blockchain technology into everything, it’s not only making the now popular ‘play to earn’ but a ‘play and earn’ concept, and this is what we’re most excited about.”

(24:16-24:40) “So we have the economy, but we don’t want to be the owner of that. We want our users to have ownership of whatever property they have. So if you have any items, outfits, rooms, whatever you have in High Rise, like we know that because we have it written in our database. But we really want our users to own it, and a way to do it is translating that on blockchain.”