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Ep. 101 The Power of Podcasts and Audio Ads for Mobile Marketers

Today’s guest breaks down why performance marketers should consider podcasts and audio ads as part of their media mix. We’ll explore the opportunities within audio to tell a brand’s story to an engaged, niche audience as well as how to target audiences and measure audio ad performance.

Josh joined M&C Saatchi Performance in early 2021 to head up their Client Services and Planning teams. Josh has over 12+ years in media working both in London and in New York specializing in Media Strategy and Planning. Outside of work, Josh is an avid fitness enthusiast and even launched a workout happy hour program during his time at Group M. Josh is also planning on running the NYC Marathon this year.

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Questions Josh Answers In This Episode

  • What podcasts do you listen to?
  • What is the perception your partners have about podcasts as a performance strategy?
  • When is appropriate for a marketer to consider podcast advertising?
  • How do you figure out if a podcast has your audience or not?
  • How are podcasts priced?
  • How is measurement executed? Is it sufficient in its current form, or where do you think it’s going?
  • Do you see a future in which marketers across the board will start leveraging podcasts?


  • 6:30 Josh’s background
  • 10:40 Planning and Client Services
  • 16:10 Client attitudes on podcasts
  • 18:45 When are podcast ads the right fit
  • 21:42 Deciphering the audience of a podcast
  • 26:01 Leveraging audio creative
  • 29:39 Performance metrics for podcast ads
  • 34:22 Josh’s forecast of audio ads


(11:50-12:06) “You can read and read data over and over, but if you can't then turn that into a strategy or go, ‘How am I going to use that to execute my media plan,’ that can be a really big challenge. And I think that’s what we pride ourselves on at this agency, is being able to combine those two to tell compelling stories for our clients.”

(35:57-36:12) “Smart speakers are going to grow this podcast industry in the next few years because people’s behaviors are now changing. People feel more comfortable saying to Alexa, ‘Alexa, buy me this,’ or, ‘Alexa, can you find me this?’ And so as that becomes more the norm, this is where audio is going to play a really strong position in that.”