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Ep. 117 When Women In Mobile Speak Up and Unite

When this mobile marketer realized she was the first and only woman in Latin America to work for her company, she knew there was work to do. She is passionate about speaking up, taking action, and building community for the inclusion and representation of women in the mobile space.

Camila Carneiro is the Team Lead of Partner Development for Brazil and Latin America at AppsFlyer, the world’s leading SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform.

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Questions Camila Answers In This Episode

  • Tell us about how you grew into your current position as a leader at AppsFlyer.
  • How are you so courageous and confident?
  • What did you rely on to build your confidence when you had to live by yourself abroad?
  • How have you been able to pass on what you’ve learned from Faith?
  • How do we disrupt discriminatory social norms in the workplace?
  • Do you have any male mentors or allies that have helped you?
  • What advice would you give to women starting their careers?
  • How do you recharge your energy so you can be the best version of yourself?
  • What are some resources that you might recommend to others?


  • 1:20 Camila’s background & AppsFlyer
  • 5:01 Being the first woman at AppsFlyer in LATAM
  • 7:05 What’s made Camila stronger
  • 9:09 The stranger who inspired Camila
  • 12:34 How to encourage other women in mobile
  • 14:00 Refusing to promote events that aren’t inclusive
  • 17:15 Are you represented?
  • 22:12 Exemplary male allies and organizations
  • 25:17 Number one advice to younger women
  • 27:57 Finding your purpose
  • 31:03 Defining who you are beyond your job
  • 37:50 Book recommendations


(5:56-6:25) “Being the only woman, I found myself sometimes having to listen to men say bad things about women while I was in the room. I was like, ‘Guys, I’m here. I’m a woman. Stop saying bullshit.’ And also I’d make them understand that I wasn’t weaker. I had as much potential as they did, so I should be included in higher-level conversations; I should be involved in meaningful projects. Don’t take it easy on me just because I am a woman.”

(12:54-13:05) “When I started to hear things that weren’t making much sense to me, things that I thought were unfair, I tended to speak up even if I wasn’t heard. And most of the time, I was heard.”

(21:18-21:28) “If you feel uncomfortable in whatever situation that you might be in because there are only men in the room or because you are feeling judged for being a woman, you need to build the courage to speak up.”