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Why the Mobile App Industry is Hot on Creatives

Today’s guest is a connoisseur of mobile app marketing topics as the co-founder of one of the industry’s premier conferences. He explains why creatives may be the most important point of leverage for mobile marketers today and why performance creative agencies could become the new model for the industry tomorrow.

Adam Lovallo is co-founder of, the MAU Vegas Conference, and Thesis, a conversion rate optimization company. He got his start at growth marketing at Living Social.

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Questions Adam Lovallo Answered in this Episode

  • What was the greatest experience you took away in growth marketing and acquisition from Living Social?
  • How much are you curating the topics and speakers at MAU? And, how do you go about balancing the topics?
  • What do you think might change in the next few years as it relates to creatives?
  • Can you tell us about what you do at Thesis? What does conversion rate optimization look like as a business?
  • Do you see the subject of incrementality becoming a bigger focus for us?


  • 4:42 Understanding payback periods
  • 10:48 On curating MAU’s topics
  • 13:48 Why the mobile app industry is hot on creative
  • 15:50 Performance creative agencies
  • 19:24 What is Thesis
  • 20:16 Conversion rate optimization as a business
  • 21:52 Pulse on incrementality in the industry


(13:48) “You see more discussion around creatives. That’s a big variable. It’s a big driver. Probably the most important point of leverage these days.”

(15:50-16:03) “I think the big trend has started to touch the mobile app ecosystem, but really hasn’t yet, but is full bore in the direct-to-consumer e-commerce ecosystem, is performance creative agencies.”