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The Opportunities of Shifting to In-App Advertising - Azerion

Today’s guest makes a compelling case for why in-app advertising with mobile games is a missed opportunity for advertisers of non-gaming products, and why this opportunity is being missed.

Patrik Wilkens is the Vice President of Mobile at Azerion. Azerion is a media and tech company based in Amsterdam that provides safe, reliable, and valuable content on a European scale with local presence.

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Questions Patrik Answered in this Episode:

  • Can you tell us about the organization you work for and what specifically you focus on?
  • What are the challenges of in-app monetization of games?
  • Are the organizations that advertise in your games also game development studios?
  • Why do you think we don’t see more non-game products advertised in mobile games?


  • 6:39 About Azerion: producing games, powering with in-house advertisement
  • 9:24 Patrik’s role and focus at Azerion
  • 11:25 Pros and cons of in-app purchase for monetization
  • 14:10 Who is a gamer?
  • 16:58 Thinking about what games deliver
  • 21:00 The cultural gap between advertising and gaming industries
  • 28:50 Growth market opportunities for in-app advertising


« Who’s a gamer? Honestly, today I think everybody is a gamer. They may not call themselves gamers but they are playing games. »

« Gaming is actually a great space, objectively, for brands to do their marketing, yet they don’t do that »