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Ep.104 Why Performance Marketers Need to Revisit the Olden Days

Much like how fashion trends cycle back in time, so are the strategies for growth marketers. Today’s guest, a long-time performance marketer, leans on an old-school mentality to measure growth and crack emerging social channels. Learn how she is adapting her marketing mentality to tackle today’s privacy changes.

Diane Le is the Senior Growth Marketer at Curtsy, a thrifting app for buying and selling women’s clothing. Diane’s specialty is scaling emerging channels like TikTok and Snapchat. Previous to Curtsy, Diane was a growth marketing consultant at Right Side Up.

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Questions Diane Answers In This Episode

  • What job experience do you think was most influential to your career?
  • Are you still in performance marketing today? How have you felt during this period of privacy changes?
  • You mentioned reverting back to old strategies. What does that look like for your team at Curtsy?
  • Do you still buy media on a platform like Facebook and Instagram? Have you seen your media mix within these social channels change dramatically as a result of the privacy changes?
  • Has it been challenging for you as a performance marketer to shift to this new mentality of mobile marketing, or has it been eye-opening or refreshing to you?
  • Does this make you more meticulous in where you decide to spend your ad dollars?
  • What do you spend your day focusing on?


  • 4:34 Diane’s background
  • 10:07 What is performance marketing today?
  • 12:06 Diane’s revamped strategy for app marketing
  • 15:42 Measuring aggregate performance over time
  • 19:22 Investing ad dollars in the right channels
  • 23:28 Tapping into existing, loyal users for content
  • 25:56 Cracking emerging social channels


(11:20-11:42) “I think at this stage we’re kind of in the Wild Wild West of growth marketing. We’ve kind of reverted back to the olden days where we really just need to take a step back and get all of the learnings just because the historical data doesn’t count anymore. You can look back at your yearly metrics, but what are we going to learn from that at this point? So this is like year-one and then we’ve got to continue learning and move on from that.”

(17:12-17:33) “Look at the holistic growth numbers, like where are we trending? Because we don’t have granular data anymore, we can’t afford to just get in the weeds like that and optimize based on A, B, CTA, things like that. We really have to take a step back. But I think integrating brand campaigns with performance, you should effectively see that growth.”

(22:20-22:32) “Now advertisers need to really get creative. Can you incorporate your brand message in a TikTok dance? Can you leverage a trending song? Are you picking the right influencers?”