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Be part of our Apptivate podcast

Apptivate is a podcast dedicated to all things app marketing. We invite experts to share their thoughts on current trends and issues, as well as their experience in navigating the industry. With over 150 episodes published, our podcast has become a reference point for app marketers. We cover a wide range of topics, including campaign optimization, creative strategy, data science, incrementality, user privacy, programmatic, retargeting, attribution, and automation.

Our guests range from team leads and company founders, to executives and managers, representing apps across all verticals and regions.


Choose a way to tell your story

Our aim is to create a platform that hosts a diverse range of perspectives, covering the technical, business, and career aspects of app marketing. Currently, we publish our episodes under three themes.

Theme 1: Regular episodes

Published bi-weekly and co-hosted by Remerge mobile experts Maria Lannon and Brian Altman. Maria, VP Account Management, and Brian, Director of Sales, have interviewed guests from Paramount+, RecRoom, and Headlight, to name a few.

Theme 2: Apptivate Presents

Our experts take a closer look at industry specific trends and developments. In our most recent mini-series, How to market a mobile game internationally, Brian Altamn welcomed guests from across the mobile gaming space.

Theme 3: Women In Mobile

What started as a four-episode special during Women’s History Month in 2021, is now a permanent feature. Our VP Account Management, Maria Lannon, speaks to women in app marketing about their backgrounds, motivations, and the challenges they face throughout their career.


Top 5 audiences by country

Apptivate has a dedicated listener base made up of mobile marketers, app developers, and digital advertising professionals.

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden

Three steps to going live

Step 1: Pre-interview

You'll have a chat with our podcast producer to identify the topic of discussion and set up a recording date.

Step 2: Recording

The recording can take place wherever you feel comfortable, as long as it’s a quiet place with good acoustics and internet connection. No special equipment is needed; just headphones and an external microphone, if possible.

Step 3: Promotion

We’ll inform you and your PR/Communications team of the episode publishing date, alongside our communication plan and media kit containing visual assets.

Communication plan

Where your episode will be featured

We will also coordinate with your PR/Communications team for cross-promotional activities.


Ready to go on air?

Book your 30-minute pre-interview session with Tess, our podcast producer.

Looking forward to having you on the show!


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