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We are on your side, and so is our methodology.

We aim to create a demand-side platform that addresses some of the systemic shortcomings of programmatic advertising. To that end, we have built an infrastructure that processes a high volume of data and have embraced scientific analysis for marketing insights. Backed by our team of specialists, we continue to innovate our methodology to set new standards for the industry.


Data onboarding, simplified

Every app has its own unique setup that calls for a tailor-made data integration plan. Whether you have an existing partnership with a major MMP or data provider, or require customization, our Solutions Engineering team is prepared to manage the data transition seamlessly.

Our Partners

A cohesive team to back your mission

From analysis to strategy

Before we launch your campaign, our team first looks to answer an essential question: how do we make a difference? A deep analysis of your app’s audience behavior and its economics helps us proceed with the appropriate strategy.

You ideate, we create

When it comes to designing visuals that drive action, leave it to our in-house creative services team. They have extensive experience in creating ads for various verticals that cater to any dimension and format, no matter the platform.

All eyes on the numbers

Our data analysts meticulously monitor every component of your campaign and propose optimizations, in tandem with our machine learning algorithm.

Industry-leading scalability

To find niche audiences or to capitalize on specific supply partners, you have to be able to process immense amounts of traffic. At Remerge, we have invested in building one of the industry’s largest demand-side platforms with localized data centers and strategic integrations with 28 supply partners. As a result, we have the capacity to process 3.3 million queries per second across over 1 million app publishers, enabling you to reach over 92% of your app's audience.

Scientific measurement

Precision with incrementality

The average business utilizes multiple marketing channels. These can include social media, programmatic, push, email, TV, and radio. Consequently, you face the dilemma of attributing a specific value to a single vendor. When you engage a consumer in different ways, how can you definitively determine the performance of any one channel?

To tackle this uncertainty, we leverage a proprietary incrementality measurement framework in order to provide marketers with clear insight into whether or not their investment is yielding a positive ROAS.

All about incrementality

Transparent reporting

We're an open book

The key to a successful partnership is open communication. We developed our platform to provide transparency, flexibility, and ease of use, so you can clearly see the value of our efforts and verify our results. By giving you full access to raw data exports and flexible pricing models, you are able to utilize our platform efficiently to uncover granular insights.