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A place for development, collaboration, and innovation

150+ employees

30+ nationalities

Important notice: Protect yourself from scammers representing Remerge

Do not respond to job offers from third parties claiming to recruit on behalf of Remerge, or individuals impersonating as Remerge employees offering freelance or remote work opportunities. We do not ask job applicants for personal information like bank account numbers, address, money transfer requests, or other confidential details on any messaging platform. If someone reaches out to you to offer you a job, always make sure that they are a verified Remerge employee by checking their identity on official Remerge channels.

Please note that the only job openings we offer are listed on our official website:

Stay vigilant and protect yourself from potential scams.
— Your Remerge team

The values we hold

We are transparent

We take pride in our openness regarding the way we operate. Every two weeks, our CEO hosts a meeting where you get to tune in for updates on the financial figures, technical advancements, market developments, and upcoming plans. We actively reach out for suggestions on how to improve your work experience through open-ended surveys, anonymous or otherwise. Whatever the challenge may be, we believe that transparency is always the best policy.

We are united

Our offices may be thousands of miles apart, but we work as one cohesive team. Having bright talents from diverse backgrounds enriches our way of thinking as we move towards a common goal. We emphasize collaboration rather than competition; everyone gets to see what other departments are up to via our Slack channels. Whether it’s sharing industry insights or chatting about life in general, each conversation bridges gaps between team members. After work, wind down over drinks or join a group activity that changes by the week — the invitation is always open for you!

We are here for you

Our team members are very much hands-on in every task, no matter where they stand in the company. You can communicate directly with anyone if you need help or have a query, and they will be more than happy to guide you. This flat hierarchy encourages healthy dialogue that is essential in our growth, and yours, too. And since that every person’s situation is unique, we give you full autonomy in managing your time at work. Your wellbeing comes first, and we’re here to support you all the way.


Take care of yourself, and we’ll take care of the rest

Plan your working hours to suit your schedule, enjoy unlimited vacation days, and work from wherever you feel comfortable and productive. As long as you are in sync with your team, we trust you to manage your projects independently. Once a year, we celebrate togetherness on our annual offsite where every team member across the world gather for a few days of fun and relaxation.


Celebrating growth together

In addition to receiving competitive salaries, you will have the opportunity to earn an annual bonus if the company meets its yearly objectives. The amount of your bonus will be determined by your tenure with us and our overall profitability. Each team member can benefit from our growth as everyone is given virtual shares upon joining. In the event of a company exit or initial public offering (IPO), these shares can be converted into real cash.


Learning is part of your job description

There are plenty of resources available to develop your professional growth. One of our popular initiatives is the Short-Term Assignment (STA) program — work from any of our global offices for up to four weeks every two years. Aside from training opportunities provided by our Learning & Development team, each team gets a budget for educational pursuits, like books, language courses, conference tickets, and more. If you hold a managerial role and are looking to strengthen your leadership skills, our team will offer suitable programs that match your needs.


Don't sweat the small stuff

We provide the latest tools and equipment to aid your productivity, including a home office budget worth EUR 500 every three years, whether you work remotely or at the office. Help yourself to snacks and drinks suited for all dietary requirements in our common areas and socialize with your colleagues over weekly breakfasts, monthly lunches, or team events depending on the office you work for.