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The scientific way to measure

Incrementality simplifies measurement. Rather than approximating the value of a single click or impression, we pinpoint the exact difference of behavior exhibited between a group that is exposed to your ads, versus an unexposed group. When implemented systematically, incrementality offers the definitive way to measure.


Ubiquitous, but problematic

The simplicity of last-touch attribution models comes at a price. By incentivizing vendors to push for as many low-cost clicks and views as possible, this model creates an environment prone to fraud in which everybody is fighting to get credit for user behavior, whether they are truly responsible for it or not. It can't provide you with a clear understanding of the actual value your vendors are contributing as it doesn't take brand equity, organic behavior, email marketing, push notifications or any other external factors into account.


Our incrementality solution

Ghost Bids

For the last 5 years, we have been experimenting with three different methodologies: Intent-to-Treat, PSA, and Ghost Bids. Through conducting thousands of tests and developing our own analysis framework, we've created a version of the Ghost Bids methodology that allows for always-on, cost-free, and reliable measurement in re-engagement uplift.

Causal Impact Analysis

Since 2019, we’ve been developing our Causal Impact incrementality measurement framework, a method specifically designed to work independently of user IDs. Routed in econometrics, it is able to observe both the install and re-engagement uplift of campaigns, thus provides valuable insights on top of the SKAdNetwork metrics.

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