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How to buy programmatically post-IDFA

Join our host Patrick Eichmann, along with Remerge partners, at this year’s App Promotion Summit USA. On Wednesday, June 23 at 21:40 (CET), the panelists will discuss everything you need to know about effective mobile media buying on programmatic channels in a post IDFA landscape.

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What we will cover during the session

App marketers are operating in a state of uncertainty right now. Many are re-evaluating their programmatic advertising strategies and budgets following Apple’s privacy-centric iOS update - and it’s hard figuring out how to do this without the right information.

Context becomes king

From a programmatic standpoint, the no-ID world is levelling the playing field for DSPs. Previously successful practises, such as device graphs and fingerprinting, will no longer be reliable options in the long term. The ability to crack targeting and optimization using contextual data only will separate the successful from the rest.

Time to get even more creative

The personalization of creatives based on user behavior won't be possible without an identity solution, meaning advertisers are looking for the best ways to optimize their creative strategies. In the session, we’ll take a look at how app marketers can adapt their creative strategies.

The incremental impact

As we know, Apple no longer provides a user's device IDFA automatically. This makes SKAdNetwork more limited as if we can’t track users, it is difficult to connect them to a marketing campaign. Programmatic advertisers are now exploring new ways of measuring the true value of their campaign activities in a new no-ID world - how can incrementality solutions support this trend?

« The ability to crack targeting and optimization using contextual data only will separate the successful from the rest. »

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