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Ep. 127 How Marketers Influence Consumer Habits

Joaquín Flores is the Global Online Vice President at Kavak, a digital ecosystem of services for buying and selling used vehicles in Latin America, including financing, maintenance, and auto insurance. Kavak changed the way people buy and sell cars in Mexico and beyond. Joaquín discusses how consumers can adapt to new purchasing habits and why building an app was integral to Kavak’s marketing strategy.

Joaquín is a mathematician who moved into the world of tech when he realized that individuals have the ability to change consumer behaviors. Before his role at Kavak, he worked in a variety of roles, from search engine marketing for Linio México and strategic planning for Coca-Cola FEMA to Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Intelligence for Variv Venture Builder. Joaquín is based in Mexico City.

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Questions Joaquín Answers In This Episode

  • Why do you think the digital startup industry has been accelerating in Mexico, and when did it become apparent to you that the industry was growing significantly?
  • Where do your focuses lie today as Global Online VP for Kavak?
  • What was the reason for building out an app?
  • How do you see the app playing within the consumer lifecycle?
  • How do you educate people about a platform like Kavak? And what is their readiness to use a platform like this?
  • What’s got you really excited about 2022?


  • 3:18 From mathematician to tech startup
  • 9:41 Joaquin’s background
  • 15:34 Why Kavak exists
  • 18:43 Joaquin’s focus
  • 22:37 Why Kavak built an app
  • 31:20 Showing a new way to buy/sell cars
  • 35:23 What’s to come


(6:34-6:50) “It was interesting to see that users evolve. Our habits evolve. The way we consume evolved, and it’s not fixed. It’s something that you can actually change as an individual, that with an idea you can actually change the mindset.”

(23:57-24:10) “Why build an app? I think because we have to be able to create long-lasting relationships with our users. We need to be able to not only offer services that we create but to actually listen to the user in every step.”