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Science, transparency, human ingenuity. This is the new Remerge.

We started out in 2014, envisioning ourselves as the kind of company where everyone can grow, as well as contribute to our growth. When someone new joins our team, they attend a session on ‘A History of Remerge’ where they learn about our mission: to build a tech-driven company that matters in a fast-growing industry, together with humble and smart people in an environment that is both enjoyable to work in and sustainable as a business.

At the beginning, we were a startup focusing on technology, boldness, scalability, efficiency, and innovation. We gathered a team of experts and developed an infrastructure that can process high volumes of data to give advertisers access to larger scale, making us a leading partner for programmatic app retargeting. Within six and a half years, our company has evolved into one that emphasizes scientific approach, transparency, and human ingenuity. We rely on raw numbers to navigate through what does or doesn’t work. Our incrementality insights give our clients a clear view of their campaign performance, and provide personalized support.

To express our values visually, we decided to move away from the conventional corporate look and embrace a more contemporary color palette. Our new typeface conveys our scientific outlook, while hand-drawn illustrations break down big concepts into intelligible data with a human touch.

With our updated brand aligned and our unique approach, we look forward to introducing more innovations to the industry, and we hope that you will join us on this exciting journey.

Pan Katsukis


Con sede en Berlin

Responsable de Global