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The Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series is a video series featuring app marketers with noteworthy achievements in app marketing. Whether your campaign stood out of the crowd because of its innovative nature or its exceptional performance, we want to celebrate you by showcasing and sharing your story with other industry professionals.

Be part of The Spotlight Series

Featuring your story in short videos

Each video will run for a maximum of five minutes and consists of three parts: an introduction, a success story, and a tip. Each Spotlight Story will be personalized based on your app’s background, setup, and your campaign accomplishments.

The Luminaries Award

To acknowledge your contribution, you'll be receiving an illuminated trophy. We hope it lights up your day!

Where you will be featured?

Your video will be published on our website and will be promoted across all our social media channels with a customised graphic / video.
We’ll also be tagging our guests so you can share it with your network.


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