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Growth specialist for app businesses

We are a bright team of mobile marketing experts with a passion for numbers, transparency, and scientific methodologies. Our programmatic platform fuels high-performing, privacy-compliant advertising campaigns for the world’s leading apps.

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The state of app retargeting

The arrival of Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework has not signaled the end of retargeting. Our new report looks at Remerge performance data and evaluates why this ID-based approach is still a vital part of an app growth strategy in the privacy-first era. Hear from our experts and some of today's biggest apps across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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We are scientific
We are transparent.
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We generate purchases by retargeting existing users whom we can identify through their user identifier.

We are scientific

User Acquisition

We drive installs through user acquisition campaigns.

We are transparent.

User Acquisition post-IDFA

We ensure continued app growth by generating installs and re-engagement from users with no available user identifier.

We are on your side.


The strategists, data scientists, developers, marketers, and creatives behind the screens

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Our Approach

Tailored approaches for every app

A successful mobile marketing campaign is achieved through close collaboration with a versatile partner. We offer a holistic, personalized approach, covering the initial set-up to periodical performance monitoring with a specific focus on incremental results.

  • Flexible integration
  • Expert strategy advice
  • Industry-leading scale
  • Bidding optimization
  • Scientific measurement
  • Transparent reporting
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