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Incremental App Retargeting

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Incremental Revenue

Forget about all the KPIs the industry told you about, because you only really need one.
For any vertical, for any stage, for any user.

Ads that attract

Dynamic Personalized

Use the relevant content from your app to create personalized creatives.
Serve your user an ad addressing their player name, offers based on their location, browsing history, or personal taste.
Protect your data with silos and use it only for your purposes. No mixing, no nothing. #morethanGDPR

“With incrementality testing, Remerge was able to prove there is incremental engagement among users who receive their campaigns. It also goes to show that Remerge is willing to put its neck on the line to ensure an advertising partner’s dollars are spent effectively. You can count on Remerge to have your best interest in mind”

Alexander Potichnyj | Director of Marketing | Checkout51
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Do personalized creatives really drive higher incremental returns? See the numbers with continuous uplift tracking.

Yes, you read right. Continuous. As long as your campaign is live.

Continuous uplift tracking runs in the background so your campaigns are always optimized for incrementality and for reporting.

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“Over 300% incremental ROAS - validated, measured with a reliable methodology. We love it!”

Irina Zhukova | UA Manager | Playrix
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