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Your partner for real app growth

We are a team of mobile marketing experts with a passion for performance, transparency, and scientific methodologies. Our platform uses in-app advertising to help businesses engage their audiences at every stage of the mobile journey. We offer personalized support and guide our clients throughout the entire programmatic ad campaign process.

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Achieve your app retargeting goals with Remerge

Find and re-engage app users

Gain access to a diverse publisher network and place ads that bring users back to your app. Build audience segments in real-time based on in-app activity and deliver personalized ads that increase conversions.

Maximize user lifetime value

Allocate and spend your marketing budget on the audiences that will convert and increase in-app revenue after the install.

Measure and analyze performance

Use scientific methodologies such as incrementality measurement to validate campaign performance and distinguish between your paid and organic app marketing efforts.

A tailored strategy for every app

Our approach

We provide a customized and privacy-first approach for every app. This includes the development of a programmatic advertising strategy and the initial campaign set-up, to performance measurement, ad bidding optimization, and creative testing.

  • Industry-leading scale
  • Efficient bidding
  • In-house creative services
  • Flexible integration
  • Incrementality measurement
  • Dynamic segmentation
How we do it

Partnering with leading brands

Our clients

We believe the key to real results is open collaboration and honest communication. That’s why app businesses across multiple industries, countries, and regions partner with us to develop in-app retargeting strategies and campaigns.

Our mobile experts

Meet the team

Learn about the strategists, data scientists, developers, marketers, and creatives behind the screens. We combine sophisticated technologies with a human touch to excel in campaign performance.

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