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PhotoSì: how to develop seasonality business with incrementality

We’re happy to share that the second episode of the Remerge Real Talk video series is now live on our website and YouTube channel.

Remerge Real Talk features real stories from mobile marketers and their experiences working with Remerge. We’ll be putting our clients in the spotlight, with the help of video interviews and quotes that capture the essence of our collaboration.

In this episode, we feature Manuel Mainetti, Head of User Acquisition at PhotoSì, Italy’s number one app for printing photos and creating photo books, calendars, paintings, and prints.

Manuel and Emmanouela talk about how a series of incrementality tests helped optimize the performance of PhotoSì’s no-ID campaigns. With the use of causal impact analysis, Remerge was able to reveal the best times for PhotoSì to run campaigns and account for seasonal trends around popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

Finally, Manuel shares his insights on how to choose the right DSP partner and how to plan long-term app marketing activities.

Real Talk with PhotoSì

See the full PhotoSì case study on our e-commerce executions page.

Why we launched Remerge Real Talk

Since our brand relaunch in August 2020, it has been our focus to incorporate human ingenuity and transparency in everything we do.

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