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25 profound quotes about mobile marketing

We recently celebrated episode 100 of Apptivate - the Remerge podcast dedicated to all things app marketing.

Since 2018, we have invited strategists, team leads, C-level executives, and company founders to share their stories from across the mobile industry. We’ve tackled a range of topics, including campaign optimization, creative strategy, data science, incrementality, user privacy, programmatic, retargeting, attribution, and automation. We’ve also heard about our guests’ personal achievements and the challenges they faced along the way.

To commemorate our hundredth broadcast, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite and most inspirational quotes from the series so far.

1. Fiona Lauredi (Gameloft)

Ep. 90 Adopting the Pareto Rule in Performance Marketing

“My belief is that the human race is not intelligent enough to make decisions on more than two metrics, three at most. If you look at more things than this, you’re probably not going to make any decisions at all. One thing that can be used anywhere is looking at a lot fewer metrics, but the ones that count.”

2. Jen Donahoe (Riot Games)

Ep.78 The Fight for Women’s Voice in the Gaming Industry

“You have to realize that whether we’re women, we’re human beings and we have to find ways of connecting with other human beings. I was just really good at figuring out that hey, the authentic way I can connect with these mentors or these people that I need to know was to find a thing that connected us.

3. Simon Kreienbaum (

Ep. 73 Automation & The Future of Performance Marketers

“In the age of algorithmic bid optimization on platforms, without a human doing anything, Facebook is already optimizing my campaigns. The biggest lever that you have is creativity. And so that means, if you want to do this professionally, you better develop a system that helps you test as many creatives as possible and at the same time improves your hit rate.”

4. Matt Pate (Finimize)

Ep. 70 How to Implement Rapid Experimentation

“Your biggest asset as any startup, as any founder, as anybody in growth marketing, product, sales, whoever you are as a person, is creativity. And, it’s the ability to empathize and to understand somebody else and put the message in front of them. You are never going to do your job as well as my API or a computer. So, it’s about getting rid of those repeatable tasks and having as much time as you possibly can to spend on vision and creativity. Then you’ve got the utmost chance of hitting success.”

« Your biggest asset as any creativity and the ability to empathize and to understand somebody else. »

Matt Pate (Finimize)

5. Jayne Peressini (Electronic Arts)

Ep. 81 Building Resilience for Women in Mobile Gaming

“I want power. That’s a big thing for me, the ability to influence and the ability to support women in our industry. And so, that is what my passion has morphed into. It’s not just mobile games as a category but the people within mobile games, and specifically the women because I’ve seen the shit that we have to deal with and I’ve been part of that. I show up every day as if it was the person I wish I had when I started my career.”

6. Jean-François (Purchasely)

Ep. 88 Is the App World Shifting from Ads to Subscriptions?

“We had a lot of apps that were ads-oriented and that were playing on the frustration of the users to get money. But the game of subscription is very different. The game of subscription is more a seduction than a frustration.”

7. Andy Carvell (Phiture)

Ep. 50 The Untapped Potential of In-app Messaging

“I think some product teams are a bit scared of tapping into the potential of in-app messaging because they are so kind of intrusive, basically. You need to deploy them with care and make sure you’re not overusing them because you’re overriding the user’s normal interaction with the app. Now, that can be very powerful as well. You can direct them to features they’ve never seen before.”

8. Ne Djuric (Coca-Cola)

Ep. 37 Boosting Organic Growth

“Whenever you give something to someone, they’re actually feeling psychologically obliged to give something back. And of course, it doesn’t work on 100% of the population, but it does work on 10%, right? So if you, for example, start following people on Instagram, 10% of people will follow you back.”

9. Krishnan Menon (Fetch Rewards, Inc.)

Ep. 29 Diversifying Channels Beyond the Big 3

"This is a tough industry. You have to be on it and really continue to be hungry in order for successes to be ongoing."

10. David Llewellyn (AppsFlyer)

Ep. 41 Getting into People-Based Attribution

“I think everyone is kind of waking up, and hopefully is waking up to the fact that users want to interact however they want to interact with [the app]. They probably want to get all the different services you’ve got on all the different devices, which isn’t always possible, technically, and that’s a challenge. But ultimately, they don’t really care about your conversion rates and stuff like that. They want to be able to use it just however they use it.”

« I think everyone is kind of waking up to the fact that users want to interact however they want to interact with [the app]. »

David Llewellyn (AppsFlyer)

11. Peggy-Anne Salz (MobileGroove)

Ep.46 The “Engagement Pyramid” that Keeps Customers Coming Back

"Now we talk about brand love. We talk openly about these concepts. You have to show you care, particularly in these times. A brand that doesn’t show it cares right now is not going to be relevant when this all passes. People will remember who cared, who showed it, and how much.”

12. Christian Eckhardt, (Customlytics)

Ep.56 Leveraging Dynamic Product Ads to Grow Your App

“The golden rule is that those small iterations are what you want to do once you’ve found a new concept that works. Then, you want to iterate that to the point where they’re even better. Then at some point, you want to throw it away again to start with something new. But, it’s definitely not the road to creative success to never start over again and just make endless incremental changes on the tiny, tiny bits and pieces.”

13. Patrik Wilkens (Azerion)

Ep.60 The Opportunities of Shifting to In-App Advertising

“Who’s a gamer? Honestly, today I think everybody is a gamer. They may not call themselves gamers but they are playing games.”

14. Kevin Nemeth (Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen)

Ep.65 Mobile Marketing with QSR Giant

“Customer data is a currency.”

15. Amanda Lulewicz (Glu Mobile)

Ep.48 Why Gaming Apps Should Be Talking Directly to Their Users

“We realized we needed to be a lot more transparent with our community about the updates we were making, why we made the decisions we made; if something was going wrong in the game, explaining what was going on. And from there, we kind of lifted the veil of this cold, hard tech company and actually showed them who we were as people.”

« We realized we needed to be a lot more transparent with our community about the updates we were making, why we made the decisions we made. »

Amanda Lulewicz (Glu Mobile)

16. Ian Masterson (Tilting Point)

Ep.64 Five Tips for Retargeting Mobile Game Users

“[Lapsed buyers] have been a major focus of ours. I think it is the jumping-off point. These are your most valuable users. These are the ones you want to get back.”

17. Janos Perei (Voodoo)

Ep. 94 What Managers Want from User Acquisition Marketers

“Every single big change that destroys the equilibrium only inspires innovation. I think user acquisition five years ago and ten years from now will massively be about experimental testing because this is the one and only way; since the market evolves so fast, you wouldn’t be able to make it otherwise.”

18. Georgiana Ciobotaru (HelloFresh)

Ep. 91 Seizing New Opportunities for Women in Mobile

“What I’ve realized across the years that excites me the most is definitely to have a great challenge, something that’s hard to solve. But also, something that I’m going to be able to learn from and to do it together with a team that I know cares about it as well.”

19. Michelle Lerner (Branch)

Ep. 80 Overcoming “Impostor Syndrome” as a Woman in Tech

“I think as managers and as leaders, we’re always being like, ‘Hey, why don’t we try it like this?’ instead of being like, ‘What did o you think we should do?’ And I think continuing to ask questions will also really help people get their footing and have a voice because then the more questions you ask, the more they’ll feel like they’re able to come forward and bring their opinion and thoughts to the table.”

20. Megan Price (M&C Saatchi)

Ep.72 Engaging Consumers with New Creatives in 2021

“[Performance media] isn’t a one-size-fits-all case. And that’s where you have networks, these media owners having fantastic ways of targeting people in a specialist manner. So, that’s actually where it ties in really nicely with understanding that everyone is different and that if you target people in the way that’s best for them you are going to get the best results.”

21. Jessy Hanley (Intuit)

Ep.66 One-to-One Lifecycle Marketing Tips for Mobile

“So some customers really respond to push, others really respond to email, others will ignore everything you send unless they see it in the product. It doesn’t change the fact that they still need to be communicated with. So what I like to do is, that instead of starting with the channel, start with what it is that you want to communicate.”

« Instead of starting with the channel, start with what it is that you want to communicate. »

Jessy Hanley (Intuit)

22. Liz Emery (Tinuiti)

Ep.83 Proactive Strategies for Apple's Data Privacy Changes

“I think the four forces at work are people, regulations, and browser and device-level changes, all driven by government and big tech.”

23. Grégoire Mercier (Addict Mobile)

Ep.92 Guaranteeing Profitability through testing and analysis

Sometimes mobile games studios just die because it’s a very tough market and you can’t only rely on one game. So, they have a very volatile kind of client. Whereas other verticals, like e-commerce companies for example, which is very basic but same for VTC companies, companies like Uber or others, they spend forever until their ad business works.”

24. Ngozi Ogbonna (Overtime)

Ep.69 How to Engage Gen Z Mobile Users (Overtime)

“If you can find the right formula, I definitely think that you can then utilize content from a marketing perspective to acquire users, to engage users, to ultimately retain users. So, using content to really activate a full customer funnel.”

25. Diane Le (Curtsy)

Ep.104 Why Performance Marketers Need to Revisit the Olden Days

Now advertisers need to really get creative. Can you incorporate your brand message in a TikTok dance? Can you leverage a trending song? Are you picking the right influencers?”

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