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#41 Getting into People-Based Attribution (AppsFlyer)

People-based attribution–everyone’s talking about it, no one knows how to do it, they think everyone else is doing it, and everyone claims that they’re doing it. Today’s guest sheds light on how to get started with this trendy and elusive mobile marketing tech, also known as cross-device or cross-screen attribution.

Meet David Llewellyn, the marketing director of EMEA at AppsFlyer. AppsFlyer is a leader in mobile advertising attribution and marketing analytics offering people-based attribution solutions.

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Questions David Answered in this Episode

  • What is AppsFlyer doing in regards to cross-screen attribution and why is it important to marketers?
  • Is the comprehensive user journey one of the principal challenges with cross-device attribution?
  • What can advertisers do to get closer to people-based attribution?
  • Where do you suggest people go to learn more about people-based attribution?


  • 10:05 Today’s people-based attribution landscape
  • 12:25 The user journey perspective on cross-device
  • 16:54 Lose the retargeting spam
  • 19:00 Avoiding brand fatigue
  • 20:00 Paying attention to assist channels
  • 21:40 Cross-device: the new “teenage sex”
  • 27:28 Tip: Get the user to log-in


(13:47-14:05) “I think everyone is kind of waking up, and hopefully is waking up to the fact that users want to interact however they want to interact with it. They probably want to get all the different services you’ve got on all the different devices, which isn’t always possible, technically, and that’s a challenge. But ultimately, they don’t really care about your conversion rates and stuff like that. They want to be able to use it just however they use it.”

(22:27-22:40) “Pick one or two things that are genuine pain points for you and for your customers and see how the technologies consult those. And then build your confidence from there. Don’t try and build utopia straightaway, particularly not with technology that is evolving and iterating all the time.”