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#72 Engaging Consumers with New Creatives in 2021 (M&C Saatchi)

Today’s guest joins our host in kicking off the new year with resolutions, reflections on what 2020 taught mobile marketers about keeping users actively engaged with creatives, and hopes for future trends in experiential creative and creative ways to add value to advertisements for the consumer.

Megan Price is a media buying executive for M&C Saatchi Performance. She is based in the U.K. and graduated from the University of Glasgow with an M.A. in Economics.

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Questions Megan Answers In This Episode

  • What was your greatest challenge coming into performance marketing?
  • Have you found that when you think about different verticals your strategies change in regards to creatives, or do you think there are fundamental learnings that apply across the board?
  • Did your team really dig into having a diversity of creatives because of 2020?
  • Is there anything more you can do to create active engagement with creatives beyond playables and shopables?


  • 2:30 Megan’s background
  • 6:17 Entering into performance marketing
  • 7:57 The media buying team at M&C Saatchi Performance
  • 11:09 Distinctive and engaging creative
  • 12:38 Avoiding creative fatigue
  • 15:58 The future of creative strategy
  • 18:58 End-of-year wrap-ups for brands


(5:37-5:55) “[Performance media] isn’t a one-size-fits-all case. And that’s where you have networks, these media owners having fantastic ways of targeting people in a specialist manner. So, that’s actually where it ties in really nicely with understanding that everyone is different and that if you target people in the way that’s best for them you are going to get the best results.”

(13:58-14:09) “[Gen Z/Millennials] grew up with phones, with technology, with all the platforms that we’re using to advertise to them so they can spot an advert and they want something out of it, so something like a value exchange.”