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#37 Boosting Organic Growth (Coca-Cola)

Coca-Cola’s digital alchemist shares some of his greatest and most surprising mobile app marketing insights from his career at one of the world’s largest brands. Learn about driving organic growth with articles, hacks for boosting ratings, push strategies across geographic regions, and more.

Ne Djuric is the digital alchemist for Coca-Cola in Central and Eastern Europe, a corporate team focused on transformation. Previously, he was working as Coke’s senior mobile product manager.

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Questions Ne Answered in this Episode

  • Did you find that ratings had an impact on the organic growth you could drive in the app store?
  • What was the article about that spiked your organic growth? And why do you think it was successful?
  • Is it fair to say that because the growth was mostly organic, fraud wasn’t necessarily an issue?
  • Do your strategies need to change drastically from country to country within a region?
  • How do you go about choosing influencers to represent your brand?


  • 4:26 Huge performance spike from an ad article
  • 7:28 Why you should start push marketing in smaller countries
  • 9:11 How to boost your ratings to boost organic growth
  • 12:47 The shelf life of a successful ad article
  • 15:59 Spotting fraud
  • 17:59 Keeping strategies, changing tactics across markets
  • 20:04 Working with influencers


(10:31-10:48) “Whenever you give something to someone, they’re actually feeling psychologically obliged to give something back. And of course, it doesn’t work on 100% of the population, but it does work on 10%, right? So if you, for example, start following people on Instagram, 10% of people will follow you back.”

(15:45-15:52) “If you’re doing mobile app advertising, you’re either being a victim of fraud or you’re being a victim of fraud and you don’t know it.”