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#64 Five Tips for Retargeting Mobile Game Users (Tilting Point)

Today’s guest mobile marketer shares practical, actionable tips and real-life lessons for retargeting mobile game users—from when to pause on static lists to the name of your game, you don’t want to miss these hacks.

Ian Masterson is the Associate Growth Marketing Manager at Tilting Point, a mobile game publishing company.

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Questions Ian Answers In This Episode

  • What are some of the big changes for Tilting Point this year?
  • When did your team start delving into retargeting?
  • What are some tips you’ve learned on your journey into retargeting?
  • Do you focus on lapsed paying audiences in retargeting or something else?
  • What’s your process for figuring out the messaging to the users you’re retargeting?


  • 5:05 Tilting Point’s rebrand & acquired FTX Games
  • 7:38 A hurdle to retargeting for mobile game developers
  • 9:36 Understanding the user journey in retargeting
  • 11:20 Retargeting users in the first few days after install
  • 15:29 The name of your game--Apple vs Android app stores
  • 16:50 When to pause when retargeting static lists
  • 20:10 Developing the right retargeting message


(11:06-11:13) “[Lapsed buyers] have been a major focus of ours. I think it is the jumping-off point. These are your most valuable users. These are the ones you want to get back.”

(22:45-22:54) “I just went on [Reddit] recently and you get an idea of where people are getting tripped up early on in the game, where there are bugs, what they’re looking for. So it’s really insightful.”