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#69 How to Engage Gen Z Mobile Users (Overtime)

Do you find Gen Z users difficult to retain or engage, or shy away from this audience base? Today’s guest is with a company that’s very popular with Gen Z, thanks in part to its fast-paced, funny content on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Get ready to lean in, and meet Gen Z where they’re at.

Ngozi Ogbonna is the Head of Growth at Overtime, a social-first sports media company serving Gen Z and other millennials. The OT app that Ngozi oversees growth for focuses on giving users scores and stories really quickly.

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Questions Ngozi Sam Answers In This Episode

  • What are you focused on in your role as head of growth?
  • What are some of the tactics you put in place to keep your Gen Z users engaged?
  • Does email marketing or other traditional forms of marketing work with your users?
  • How has Overtime evolved with its various business lines?
  • Was there something you learned from your experience at TodayTix that’s transferred to your role today?


  • 2:58 Ngozi’s background
  • 7:34 An intro to Overtime and the OT app
  • 10:13 How Ngozi sees “growth”
  • 12:15 Keeping Gen Z hooked
  • 15:52 The sweat equity of content
  • 17:02 Lessons from TodayTix


“It’s so funny because, traditionally, when people think about growth it’s product-led. And then, on the other side of it, growth is the performance-acquisition side. I think growth it’s the full funnel.”

“If you can find the right formula, I definitely think that you can then utilize content from a marketing perspective to acquire users, to engage users, to ultimately retain users. So, using content to really activate a full customer funnel.”