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Ep. 91 Seizing New Opportunities for Women in Mobile

"Women in Mobile" is now a permanent series on the Apptivate Podcast. Join host Maria Lannon as she dives into the background, motivations, and challenges that women in the mobile app industry face in their careers.

Today’s guest is Georgiana Ciobotaru, the Associate Director of Product at the meal-kit company HelloFresh. She started as an operations analyst and moved into product management before joining the digital product team at HelloFresh.

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Questions Georgiana Answers In This Episode

  • Can you speak a little bit about the lateral moves in your career and how that’s helped you to progress?
  • What recommendations would you give to our listeners who are trying in advance in their careers but don’t necessarily have an available opportunity?
  • How do you decipher what you can take on and what you can’t at work? How do you find that balance and how do you know when it’s okay to say “no”?
  • Can you walk us through your day and share what habits help you be successful?
  • As a manager, how do you help others develop their careers? How do you manage delegating tasks?
  • What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received?
  • What advice would you give to coworkers who feel less represented at a company to feel more confident in speaking up?


  • 1:40 Georgie’s background
  • 5:04 Making lateral progress
  • 11:41 When considering a new opportunity
  • 15:35 Georgie’s success-forming habits
  • 20:43 Managing junior teammates
  • 25:24 Different types of decisions
  • 30:35 Speaking up


(12:23-12:41) “What I’ve realized across the years that excites me the most is definitely to have a great challenge, something that’s hard to solve. But also, something that I’m going to be able to learn from and to do it together with a team that I know cares about it as well.”

(21:35-21:45) “For the person reporting to me, I think it was very important for us to make sure we had a plan. So I tend to say, ‘Love the planning, not the plan.’”