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Ep. 86 Managing Burnout in Mobile Marketing

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In this episode we’re talking about burnout, the overwhelming stress many mobile marketers experience at least once in their career. We’ll cover what burnout looks and feels like, how to create healthy boundaries for work-life balance, and what the industry can be doing to prevent employee burnout and destigmatize stress and other mental health issues at work.

Today’s guest opens up about her first professional work experience as a mobile marketer working for a gaming company. At the time, she didn’t realize the level of stress she was experiencing was not “normal.” Now, as the Associate Manager of Digital Marketing at Reebok, Jocelyn Paz reflects on how Rebook is doing a good job creating open lines of communication for employees to have honest conversations about mental health.

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Questions Jocelyn Answered in this Episode:

    • What made you want to go in a different direction with your marketing career?
    • How did you approach the experience of burnout? What helped you cope or reduce burnout?
    • Did you find yourself accepting and normalizing having mental breakdowns once a week or was there a point where you said ‘this is not normal’?
    • How did you create boundaries you set in place in order to take care of yourself?
    • How can organizations be doing to improve communication at work around stress and breaking down its stigma?
    • How has working from home played a role in burnout at work?


  • 4:23 Joceyln’s background
  • 5:56 Working for a product and brand you believe in
  • 9:00 An excessive workload?
  • 11:45 Justifying burnout, blurring boundaries
  • 12:30 Perfectionism and compassion
  • 15:55 Open lines of communication
  • 18:23 The blurred line when working remotely
  • 21:12 What “productivity” really means


(10:32-10:44) “To put it simply it’s like you’re getting pressure from two sides. You’re getting pressure from one thing that you can’t control, which is the company. And, you’re getting pressure from yourself internally.”

(11:45-12:18) “At first I tried to justify it but saying, ‘You don’t know as much as you should, you’re not handling it well.’ I started making excuses saying, ‘This will pass, as soon as you learn more you’ll be able to handle it better.’ But as time went on, I realized that saying that to myself was sort of just making excuses and what I was really doing was just blurring those boundaries. I had a complete lack of boundaries between me and the work that I was doing, and what I’d say ‘yes’ to.”