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Four inspiring stories of women’s experiences in app marketing

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, we passed the microphone to Maria Lannon, our Director of Account Management, US, to host our Apptivate podcast. For four episodes, she interviewed inspiring women in app marketing from various regions and backgrounds. The range of topics covered include career paths, experiences, and advice on navigating the app industry as a woman.

Read on for highlights of each episode and listen to them on our episode players below or in Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

The Fight for Women’s Voice in the Gaming Industry

Episode 78 with Jen Donahoe, Riot Games

In this first installment of our podcast mini-series, Jen Donahoe recounts her experiences and lessons learned in finding and landing her dream job. She speaks about pursuing one’s passions about and stepping out of the comfort zone to achieve it by selling oneself and finding the courage to reach out to professionals.

Jen calls for women to lift each other up instead of tearing each other apart, especially when working in a male-dominated industry. She also shares concrete examples of creating an inclusive workplace like calling out unconscious bias and fostering a culture of accountability and training.

Jen Donahoe leads the Marketing and Growth team for Teamfight Tactics at Riot games. Riot games is a leading game developer and publisher around the world.

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Company Culture that Works for Women in Mobile Marketing

Episode 79 with Fanny Jacoby, Trivago

In this second episode of the mini-series, Fanny Jacoby builds on the topic of how women can become better allies to each other by overcoming the toxic, competitive, and gossipy environment in the workplace. She talks about the importance of a diverse work environment that fosters a strong feedback culture and where every individual feels safe to speak up and share their perspective. Fanny talks about raising awareness within the team, and applying that as early as recruitment, wherein job titles and descriptions can be inclusive.

Fanny also shares advice on how to get over the impostor syndrome when it comes to applying for more technical jobs and how to build confidence both in and out of one’s workplace.

Fanny Jacoby is the Head of Projects for app marketing at trivago, a leading hotel price comparison website.

See the show notes and timestamps of this episode.

Overcoming “Impostor Syndrome” as a Woman in Tech

Episode 80 with Michelle Lerner, Branch

In this episode, Michelle shares her own learnings on overcoming the impostor syndrome, a syndrome which many women experience in the workplace. Michelle reminds the listeners that being hired for the job and being invited in a meeting means that there’s value in what one has to say and bring to the table. Michelle also talks about setting expectations and boundaries and proactively communicating them in order to be her best self and maintain her quality of work. She also shares valuable career advice and tips on what we can do to empower women in the workplace.

Michelle Lerner is Director of Business Development at Branch, a platform that provides links and attribution solutions to the world's leading digital brands.

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Building Resilience for Women in Mobile Gaming

Episode 81 with Jayne Peressini, Electronic Arts

In the last episode of this mini-series, Jayne courageously shares stories around her failures and darker moments in her life and her career, and how she overcame and grew from them. Jayne openly speaks about mental health, pregnancy, career growth, and work-life balance, topics which many women experience but are afraid to open up about. She shares what it means to be human, why it helps to accept failure and to understand that it is part of being a determined career woman.

Jayne Peressini is the Senior Director of Marketing and Growth at Electronic Arts. EA develops and delivers games, content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers.

See the show notes and timestamps of this episode.

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