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Ep. 94 What Managers Want from User Acquisition Marketers

Today’s guest shares the inside scoop from his gaming company on what managers are looking for when interviewing candidates for user acquisition positions. We also touch on how the role of user acquisition marketers has changed over the years since the evolution of automation in mobile marketing.

Janos Perei is the User Acquisition Lead for Casual Gaming at Voodoo, a hyper-casual gaming developer and publisher based in Paris, France. Previous to Voodoo, Janos worked as a mobile marketer at Mercury Black. (P.S. Voodoo is hiring!)

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Questions Janos Answers In This Episode

  • What is the general sentiment at Voodoo about Apple’s privacy changes?
  • Tell us about what Voodoo does and its newer casual gaming division.
  • How do you envision Voodoo evolving the types of games it develops and publishes?
  • Why is Voodoo the largest hyper-casual games developer in the world?
  • Talk to me about the role of UA manager within a hyper-casual game studio. What are some of the challenges here that you might not see in other studios?
  • What do you look for when hiring a UA manager or marketer?
  • How have you seen the role of a UA manager change in the time you’ve been in mobile marketing?


  • 1:48 Janos’s background
  • 5:38 Adapting to Apple’s privacy changes
  • 7:42 Voodoo and casual games
  • 9:46 Voodoo’s vision for entertaining the world
  • 13:25 Managing UA for hyper-casual games
  • 15:34 What Voodoo looks for when hiring UA managers and marketers
  • 24:45 How the role of UA managers has changed over the years


(6:15-6:31) “Every single big change that destroys the equilibrium only inspires innovation. I think this is something that we’re really interested in seeing, how the industry will evolve [to Apple’s privacy changes] in the next six to 12 months and what will be essential--the new technologies, the new systems that will be able to go forward.”

(27:35-27:48) “I think user acquisition five years ago and ten years from now will massively be about experimental testing because this is the one and only way; since the market evolves so fast--you wouldn’t be able to make it otherwise.”