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Ep. 83 Proactive Strategies for Apple's Data Privacy Changes

Are you preparing for Apple’s looming changes to data privacy? Today’s guest shares strategies and solutions for how marketers can get ahead of the curve, things like investing in complimentary attribution models to SkAdNetwork. We’ll talk about media mix models, incrementality studies, first-party data infrastructure, channel diversification, and more!

Liz Emery is the Senior Director of Mobile and Ad Tech Solutions at Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing agency across Google, Amazon, Facebook, and beyond. She oversees their mobile executions on strategy, ASO, including A/B testing through all of their user acquisition channels as well as lifecycle email marketing.

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Questions Liz Answers In This Episode

  • When Apple announced the data privacy changes that were coming with iOS14, what was your reaction to that?
  • In your opinion, what are the forces driving these changes?
  • How are your clients feeling about this, and are you see a large disparity in how clients are dealing with these changes?
  • Is there any advantage to the “waiting and seeing” approach?
  • What are the proactive marketers doing to set themselves up for success in this new paradigm?
  • Why do you feel that SkAdNetwork won’t be enough to give you the attribution that you’re looking for?
  • What is a conversion value schema? How are smart marketers putting up their conversion value schema?


  • 2:35 Liz’s background
  • 5:18 What is Tinuiti?
  • 7:29 Why Liz enjoys the agency life
  • 10:07 The reaction to Apple’s announcement
  • 12:45 The fear is real
  • 14:50 Proactive strategies to be prepared
  • 20:23 SkAdNetwork & data privacy changes
  • 22:09 Conversion value schema
  • 28:00 Our role as marketers with the new normal


(12:07-12:15) “I think the four forces at work are people, regulations, and browser and device-level changes, all driven by government and big tech.”

(16:58-17:15) “I don’t think you have to be like, ‘Oh, my core media strategy is wrong. Everything I’ve been doing for the last couple of years is wrong. I need to stop spending x, y, z.’ That’s not what I’m saying. You do need to keep spending with those consistent channels, but just be cognizant that the kind of targeting and the results you’re going to get are going to shift.”