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#56 Leveraging Dynamic Product Ads to Grow Your App

Today’s guest is excited about two things: how the role of mobile marketing is evolving and how Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) can save marketers time, money, and resources. Find out how marketers can best leverage automating paid advertising to show the best products that your business has to offer.

Coming back to the Apptivate Podcast is Christian Eckhardt, the CEO and co-founder of Customlytics. Customlytics provides app marketing, analytics, and technology infrastructure consulting and hands-on help.

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Questions Christian Answered in this Episode

  • Any particular reason why you think Customlytics was able to be successful during the pandemic?
  • What’s been top of mind for you as a mobile marketer in this space since the last time we talked?
  • What’s the mobile marketer’s role to effectively leverage DPA to impact their growth initiatives?
  • Have you found that most of your app partners are technically set up to execute DPA?
  • When you think of groundbreaking creatives and ads, what does that process look like for you?
  • What are your thoughts on how Apple’s IDFA announcement will change mobile marketing?


  • 2:15 Resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 5:43 Rise in the number of Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)
  • 8:15 The mobile marketer’s new role in the era of automation
  • 12:26 Barriers to building the technical infrastructure needed for DPAs
  • 14:47 The value of DPA and the alternative
  • 17:15 The gold rule to creative success
  • 22:40 Thoughts on Apple’s IDFA announcement


(8:43-9:01) “I think that other stuff will essentially be two main categories of tasks that are left, if you want to put it like this, for the human being. Number one is something that is essentially the oxygen for the machine to then really run with the data, and that is the technical infrastructure.”

(18:00-18:26) “The golden rule is always that small iterations is what you want to do once you’ve found a new concept that works, then you want to iterate that to the point where they’re even better. Then at some point, you want to throw it away again to start with something new. But, it’s definitely not the road to creative success to never start over again and just make endless incremental changes on the tiny, tiny bits and pieces.”