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#73 Automation & The Future of Performance Marketers (

Today’s guest is taking the learning curve of coding out of the equation for performance marketers to develop their own automation tools. We take a deep dive into specific and practical uses of automation for marketers, the reasons coders make good marketers, and what this all means for the future role of performance marketers.

Simon Kreienbaum is the co-founder of, a drag-and-drop visual platform that allows marketers to build their own customized automation tools to replicate their workflows without having to learn code. Previously, Simon was the Head of Performance Marketing at Asana Rebel and rekindled his childhood love for coding as a Senior Online Marketing Manager at Junique. Simon is based in the Berlin area.

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Questions Simon Answered in This Episode

  • How has Berlin’s startup tech seen changed the last 7 years you’ve been there?
  • Once you joined Asana Rebel, were you able to continue building out automated practices and saving yourself time?
  • Tell us what does and why people use it?
  • What are the prevailing use cases for automation that you see from your clients?
  • Do you think the role of the marketer is changing dramatically, and if so where do you think it’s going?


  • 2:22 Rocket Internet - Berlin’s startup scene in 2014
  • 5:29 Simon’s background & 3 reasons coders make good marketers
  • 9:08 Quick history of automation in marketing evolution since 2015
  • 11:00 What is
  • 14:48 Entry use cases for marketing automation: quality assurance and creative testing
  • 20:44 Commitment is key for automation tools and processes
  • 21:53 The future performance marketer


(12:27-12:44) “So we think our name kitchn, or, comes from the fact that we believe in recipes. So, reusing templates, having best practices, and developing systems or processes that you do manually, and then build automated workflows around it.”

(18:13-18:31) “In the age of algorithmic bid optimization on the platforms, without a human doing anything, Facebook is already optimizing my campaigns. The biggest lever that you have is creative. And so that means, if you want to do this professionally, you better develop a system that helps you test as many creatives as possible and at the same time improves your hit rate.”