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#65 Mobile Marketing with QSR Giant (Popeyes)

Today’s mobile marketing guest has worked in verticals spanning finance, beauty, retail, TV, and quick-service restaurants. Glean his insights behind the explosive growth of the Popeyes app and the digital future of the fast-food giant.

Kevin Nemeth is the Head of Digital Marketing for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Previously, he’s worked within digital marketing at TD Bank, L’Oreal, MSLGROUP, HSN, AOL, and others.

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Questions Kevin Answered in this Episode:

  • Do your digital marketing strategies or principles change as you shift from one vertical to another?
  • What are a few ways that your team develops personalization for your customers?
  • What’s behind the success of your app?
  • What’s a mistake you’ve made and what did you learn?
  • How will IDFA impact the way you look at data? How will you win customer permission?


  • 4:44 Acting like a startup
  • 8:18 Why marketing transcends verticals
  • 12:21 Personalizing the digital drive-through experience and QSR of the future
  • 15:45 Behind the success of the Popeyes app
  • 21:30 Hiccups along the way
  • 28:25 Adapting to IDFA and the value of value propositions
  • 32:00 Popeyes is hiring marketers and more


“But at the end of the day, you think about the core mediums and what it really comes down to is the customer. Take everything else away from it, and at the central part of it all is the customer.”

« “Customer data is a currency.” »

Kevin Nemeth