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#28 Retargeting Strategies for Mobile Games (Playtika)

How does your retargeting strategy compare to other companies? In today’s episode, two guests from one of the largest gaming developers in the world share their insights for launching retargeting campaigns.

Meet Nadav Shalit, retargeting department lead, and Dani Magid, retargeting manager, at Playtika. Playtika has a portfolio of 15 large-scale gales that are run from more than 16 global sites by over 3,000 employees. Previous to Playtika, both Nadav and Dani worked in marketing for agencies.

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Questions Nadav and Dani Answered in this Episode

  • What is your strategy for launching retargeting campaigns?
  • How do you source data for segmenting users?
  • How closely do you have to work with other departments to run retargeting initiatives/treatments?
  • What else do you focus on when launching retargeting efforts?
  • Was there a shift that motivated Playtika to start retargeting?


  • 6:27 Launching retargeting efforts begins with the user experience
  • 7:36 Segmenting users with an internal BI system
  • 12:10 The internal process of offering segments treatments (or incentives)
  • 15:17 Measuring for retargeting
  • 18:04 Playtika’s catalyst to beginning retargeting


« We are literally learning every day. And I think that’s part of the magic in retargeting. »

“The very first thing we look at when we set up a retargeting activity is the user experience. I think that’s the main purpose and that’s the main goal. And that is what the connection between you and the user is all about.”

“For certain activities, we might even show an ad even the say after the install saying, “Hey, did you check out this feature? Did you get a chance to look at this?” So it kind of builds up the connection from day one, literally.