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#53 Building Gaming Apps as a Service, Not a Product

Today’s guest has had a foot in console and mobile gaming worlds, bringing over a decade of experience in marketing games. Touching on soft launches, team management, and marketing, he shares his approach to building global games.

Luis de la Cámara is the Chief Marketing Officer for Genera Games, a leading developer in mobile games for iOS and Android. Luis previously worked for other gaming companies, such as Outplay Entertainment, King, Gameloft, and 2K.

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Questions Luis Answered in this Episode

  • Are your soft launches strong determinants of how successful your games are going to be worldwide?
  • What do you focus on as CMO?
  • Can you tell us your thoughts on alignment between product and marketing teams?
  • What’s your opinion on broader marketing where KPIs can’t be as easily tracked?


  • 13:10 Genera Games’ focus & Tuscany Villa
  • 15:24 Soft launches for testing retention
  • 19:56 What Luis focuses on most as CMO
  • 25:37 Value in the long-game of brand marketing
  • 30:20 Working at Candy Crush: maintaining a service


(21:35-22:14) « One of my focuses from the very beginning is to tear down those walls. Make sure that everyone’s fully aligned. That we all have the same overall objective. We can then break those down into smaller pieces and then things that are more manageable for a specific team. That’s really important. And then also understand that coordination doesn’t only come from a senior level. I think that at every level in the company there is a need to be that bridge between the different teams: product, marketing, analytics, finance, art, HR. I think everyone needs to be continuously always working together as much as possible. Everyone’s got their areas of influence but everyone needs to understand everyone else’s area as well.” »

« I think that’s the main mentality that people need to have, is that you’re not building a product, you’re building a service »

Luis de la Camara