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AGS LA Panel Discussion: The IDFApocalypse is Upon Us!

During this event our panel of user acquisition experts discuss how the advertising industry can survive and adapt in a world without the IDFA. They’ll also be sharing best practices to take on how to continue generating positive results from your UA campaigns.


  • Vivek Girotra
    Sr Director of Growth Marketing, Elevate Labs
  • Maria Lannon
    Director of Account Management, Americas, Remerge
  • Pedro de Arteaga
    COO & VP USA, Winclap
  • Michele Webb
    VP of US Growth & Programmatic, Smadex
  • Savannah Wu
    Sr User Acquisition Manager, Jam City


  1. SKAdnetwork: Top two things each company is focusing on right now
  2. ATT Opt-In: Strategies and innovative approaches that app marketers are adopting
  3. Creative Performance: Optimizing creative performance for SKAdNetwork
  4. Risk Management: Alternatives ideas to minimize risk if IOS ROAS decreases.