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How to Find a Retargeting Partner You Can Trust

User data is an app marketer’s most valuable asset, so it’s no wonder it’s guarded so fiercely. However, when it comes to app retargeting, marketers are faced with a Catch 22 - handing over data to a retargeting partner enables running real-time personalized campaigns that can result in larger returns, but doing so risks granting external partners access to this most valuable, safe-guarded asset.

So you’re faced with a tough question - “How can I find a retargeting partner I can trust who will only use my data for the purposes I have intended?” Here’s how:

  • Ensure your retargeting partner siloes data per client
  • Choose a partner that only relies on 1st party data
  • Select a fully GDPR-compliant partner

Ensure your retargeting partner siloes data per client

When a retargeting partner siloes data per client, user profiles are kept separate from other clients and are never mixed to create “super profiles”. As such, you can be sure that your competitors will never benefit from your data.

Choose a partner that only relies on 1st party data

An experienced retargeting partner can run highly successful campaigns exclusively with the data you provide. If they rely on global user scoring, aggregated models, or algorithms, you should view it as a red flag. These features may seem appealing, but the partner may be using your data for other clients, or worse, for your competition.

This is a slippery slope, as you can’t easily measure the effects on your business, such as which users churned because they were acquired by the competition using data about your high performing users.

Select a fully GDPR-compliant partner

The General Data Protection Regulations have changed the ad tech industry for the better by ensuring better transparency for advertisers and app-users alike. Make sure to select a partner that is fully compliant and doesn’t try to work around them with tricky legal terminologies.

With all this in place, you can feel safe handing your data over to a trusted partner and can sit back and watch as they great results roll in.

*We handle your data with utmost care, and are happy to say that Remerge meets all of the above criteria. Have a successful app retargeting!