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ID or No ID? Track daily traffic with the new iOS 14 dashboard

Six months after the release of Apple’s latest iOS 14, the official deprecation of the IDFA looms over the advertising industry with a cloud of uncertainty. At Remerge, we are taking a data-driven approach to better understand how the market is shifting and preparing itself for the upcoming changes.

To support mobile marketing players with their future planning, we have officially launched our ID or No ID dashboard for the post-IDFA world. This interactive site provides daily updates for the programmatic advertising industry, which will be further impacted by Apple’s privacy centric iOS 14.5.

Understand the implications of iOS 14 changes

Using our interactive maps and visualizations, mobile marketers can filter data by country and view and compare figures for:

  • Bid requests
  • CPM changes
  • iOS version usage
  • SKAdNetwork-enabled traffic

ID bid requests include users on iOS 13 and lower, as well as iOS 14 users who have opt-in tracking.
No-ID bid requests include users on iOS 14 who chose to opt-out of tracking.

The ID or No ID dashboard uses data from our trusted industry partners to offer a clearer picture of what lies ahead for programmatic advertising. In this article, we will share some data from the dashboard, covering the top 10 countries with No-ID bid requests, iOS version adoption rates and iOS bid requests on ID and no-ID.

Let’s have a look at the numbers from March 2021.

Top 10 countries with No-ID bid requests

As of March 31, 2021, the top ten countries with no-ID bid requests are as follows:

  1. Italy 26%
  2. Germany 25%
  3. Sudan 23%
  4. Saudi Arabia 23%
  5. Yemen 23%
  6. Libya 22%
  7. USA 19%
  8. Finland 17%
  9. France 15%
  10. Afghanistan 15%

Other regions such as Oceania, Latin America, and Asia Pacific still have a relatively lower percentage of No-ID bid requests, with China and Peru topping the list at 11%.

iOS Version Usage (All Countries)

iOS14 usage has increased to 87% in comparison with 49% at the end of October 2020. Only 1.3% of iOS devices have versions older than iOS 12.

For marketers, this means that in order to maintain the same level of targeting made possible by the IDFA, Apple device users will have to opt-in to ad tracking in both advertiser and publisher apps after the release of iOS 14.5.

iOS Bid Requests with ID vs. No-ID (All Countries)

On March 31, iOS bid requests with ID on all countries totalled at 1million (84%), whereas no-ID requests totalled at 187K (16%). The highest bid requests with ID came in on February 14 with 1.2million (85%), with no-ID traffic coming to 210K (15%).

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