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Israel Mobile Summit 2023 - Key insights and event recap

At the end of June, the Remerge team flew to Tel Aviv for the 2023 Israel Mobile Summit where we caught up with some of the industry’s brightest minds and biggest brands. We checked in with Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis to get a quick event recap and hear his account of what’s trending right now in the world of mobile advertising:

Hi Pan, how was the Israel Mobile Summit this year?

It was my first time attending the event and I was blown away by the hospitality, fun, and wonderful people I met. I got to catch up with many customers and partners. We even had the pleasure of hosting a beautiful dinner for them. There were also lots of brands from the mobile games vertical because Israel is home to many top gaming studios, so it was good to see them all there.

What are the hot topics this year that were discussed at the event?

The biggest challenge is still the privacy topic, specifically on iOS. How to best run campaigns on iOS and how advertisers should interpret the results. Retargeting also played a large role at the conference. As more and more games mature, (and build out a large customer base), strategies around leveraging their existing users become more relevant for them – so retargeting was also a big point of discussion.

In the world of privacy-safe advertising, what challenges do mobile marketers face with retargeting?

Based on my discussions, the biggest uncertainties right now seem to be about the initial setup. Advertisers who are new to retargeting often wonder about how to best segment their customer base, what the right goals are for their business and how they can measure success. Fortunately, today, we’ve gained so much experience from navigating ATT that we can easily support new and existing customers with the guidance they need to achieve their in-app retargeting goals.

How was the panel discussion that you took part in?

We started with the basics of how to set up a retargeting strategy on top of a UA strategy – along with some insights from Beach Bum and Murka. We then covered many other topics like how to prevent churn, the latest privacy developments, how to balance goals between UA and retention, and we also discussed the impact of generative AI on creative copywriting and campaign optimization. You can watch the whole discussion below.


It sounds like a productive and insightful trip overall…

Yes, it was really sad for me when the conference was over and I had to fly out of Israel. I made so many new friends and I enjoyed it so much that I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

Last question - is the hummus in Israel as good as they say it is?

It’s splendid!


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