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Remerge makes the move to incremental KPIs for app retargeting

Berlin, Germany, 10. September 2018

Remerge makes the move to measure the success of app retargeting campaigns with only incremental KPIs: incremental revenue, incremental ROAS, and cost per incremental conversion. A continuous uplift test will be offered alongside each campaign to ensure transparency and to continuously optimize campaigns.

Incrementality, the measurement of revenue attributed to advertising, is not a new concept, but has gained prominence in the current age of digital advertising. Remerge will continuously test incrementality with the use of Ghost Ads, an experiment design that involves withholding ads and monitoring the behavior of a control group that would have otherwise been exposed. Patterned after Google, it offers the most advantages including lowest noise and lowest selection bias while being free of cost for the advertiser. With a small holdout group of users remaining unexposed to any of Remerge’s ads, the new Continuous Uplift Tracking product aims to constantly determine the true value of the retargeting campaigns.

Industry influencer Eric Seufert has discussed the superiority of Ghost Ads over other experimental designs citing its greater cost effectiveness and accuracy. Johnson, Lewis, and Nubbermeyer of Cornell University used a Ghost Ad experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of retargeting, finding that the retargeting campaign for “an online sports and outdoors retailer” increased “website visitors by 26.6%, transactions by 12.0%, and sales by 10.8%.”

Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis states, “Optimizing on incrementality continuously and free-of-cost is no longer a dream for app marketers. Our iROAS feature gives insights on organic and incremental revenue for app retargeting campaigns and shifts budget in real-time towards incremental user behavior - no technical setup and no extra budget needed.”

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