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Ep.126 A mobile marketing guide: The Growth Loop

Andre Kempe, founder of the mobile app and performance marketing agency Admiral Media, returns to Apptivate to discuss The Growth Loop. The e-book covers the processes and details needed to grow apps through marketing campaigns, from planning and setting KPIs to mapping events and optimizing once a campaign is live. The Growth Loop is for CEOs, senior marketers, and junior marketers alike.

Since the last time Andre aired on Apptivate, Admiral Media’s team has quadrupled. Prior to starting the agency, Andre has been the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Performance Marketing at several companies, including LOVOO, Zalando, and Free2Move. Andre currently doubles as a marketing advisor and is living his best life in Marbella, Spain.

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Questions Andre Answers In This Episode

  • What has been your biggest challenge in expanding your team so dramatically?
  • What made you want to start Admiral Media?
  • Where do you find that you help your mobile app clients the most at your agency?
  • Why is NFT marketing so different?
  • What is “The Growth Loop” and why did your team go through the effort of creating this e-book?
  • What is the audience for this e-book?
  • Is there a topic that marketers tend to have the most challenges with?
  • Have you observed a lot of confusion around how to best implement conversion value mapping?
  • Are you seeing that marketers are getting smarter with effectively spending on Facebook campaigns or programmatic?


  • 3:30 Challenges for an agency founder
  • 7:40 Andre’s background
  • 10:58 Why Andre started Admiral Media
  • 13:00 Admiral Media specialties
  • 16:23 NFT marketing
  • 18:48 The Growth Loop e-book
  • 22:33 Who is The Growth Loop for?
  • 24:30 What most marketers get wrong
  • 29:37 Conversion value mapping


(20:54-21:05) “With The Growth Stack we see a lot of tooling. With The Growth Loop you get all the processes and tiny bits of information that you need to actually execute on some of the pieces seen on The Growth Stack.”

« (23:05-23:11) “Maybe the CEO needs to learn how to run a Facebook campaign because later on you can challenge the agency.” »

Andre Kempe