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#71 Achieving Rapid Growth in Fintech By Building Trust (Valiu)

Today’s guest is a CMO who managed the explosive growth of a Fintech app in Colombia. He shares his journey building trust amongst users from a culture different from his own, channel marketing lessons learned along the way, and the market factors contributing to today’s significant growth in the Fintech space of Latin America.

Christian Knudsen is the CMO at Valiu, the safest way to send money electronically from Colombia to Venezuela, and soon expanding to other countries in Latin America.

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Questions Christian Answers In This Episode

  • Is it challenging to educate your users on the cryptocurrency technology that you use?
  • Are you seeing a growth in Fintech startups in Latin America or, more specifically, in Colombia?
  • How did Valiu get started?
  • What’re some lessons you’ve learned from your experience driving acquisition in Colombia that would apply to driving acquisition next in Venezuela?
  • Was Facebook an adequate platform for you to articulate that message of trust in your product? Did you find that their display ads did a good job depicting your value proposition?
  • Did you make any mistakes that will serve you as you move into Venezuela?
  • Looking forward to 2021, is there anything that you’re really excited about in terms of expansion or marketing channels?


  • 4:16 Christian’s background
  • 8:20 About Valiu
  • 10:13 Using cryptocurrency
  • 11:43 Why Fintech is exploding in Colombia
  • 15:50 Driving acquisition in a culture new to Christian
  • 23:13 A/B testing value propositions on Facebook
  • 25:42 Learning lessons for 2021


« “A great percentage [of Colombians] don’t have accounts because the bank doesn’t let them or doesn’t offer that service.” »

Christian Knudsen

(20:02-20:22) “There comes the first barrier to getting into a market, and it’s trust. That was the main issue that I had as I was generating traction. Why would our users trust an app when they’ve been robbed before? Why would they stop using their confidant black market seller and change it for Valiu?”