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#61 All about Apple's IDFA changes & future role of MMPs

Apple’s announcement to limit IDFA with iOS14 shook the mobile acquisition ecosystem. Today’s guest is here to answer key questions around this topic: what is really happening, why is this happening, and what alternative attribution options exist?

Today’s guest is Susan Kuo, the COO and Co-Founder of Singular, a key mobile measurement partner. Susan got her start in the industry at Electronic Arts, and from there continued to work in senior mobile marketing and analytics roles at companies throughout Silicon Valley until starting up Singular.

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Questions Susan Kuo Answered in this Episode:

  • What changes is Apple making to IDFA with iOS14?
  • Why do you think Apple is doing this?
  • Apple delayed these changes. When do you think they’ll happen?
  • Do you think the industry will be ready by early spring 2021?
  • What are the attribution solutions that will be available? And the pros and cons?
  • How does Singular improve or mitigate the experience of working with an SKAdNetwork?


  • 4:19 Susan’s experience starting up Singular over the last 6 years
  • 5:47 What sets Singular apart from other MMPs
  • 8:51 What’s been happening since Apple announced what it’s changing with IDFA with iOS14
  • 11:36 Primary reason for Apple’s IDFA changes
  • 14:35 Pulse on how ready the industry is
  • 17:15 IDFA-based attribution won’t be dead
  • 22:21 Fingerprinting
  • 24:50 SKAd Network: privacy-first attribution network
  • 29:30 The MMPs’ role with SKAd Network


“There’s definitely a primary reason, which is very much focused around user privacy. It’s been such a real core focus, not only across Apple, but all the largest media partners are getting tackled with this question in the last couple years"

« Right now, in talking to the top 25 media partners, I get a good sense that most of them are going to be ready »

Susan Kuo